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Baby products are the fastest-growing consumer product in green consumer product developments. Baby products range from baby health and beauty products to baby clothing and hygiene products. These are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that their counterparts have seen incredible growth in recalls and in allergic reactions within babies. Many parents will choose to go a green route when it comes to their babies to avoid these allergic reactions, recalls and in some cases death. The severe recalls have lead to an increase of awareness with companies in the products and the chemicals that they use. The following are a few baby products that parents should consider when switching to a green lifestyle and considering avoiding the allergic reactions or severe recall reactions and various baby products.

Organic Cloth Products

Organic cloth products are the top rated green living baby product on the market. These organic cloth products have several benefits. The first benefit is that many of the organic loss products such as organic cloth diapers and cloth wipes are reusable. This means that a family can purchase an organic cloth diaper and reuse that diaper by simply washing it as they would any other clothing product. Organic cloth diapers and wipes are also made of flannel, 100% organic cotton or other natural fiber substances. This means that children have a severely decreased chance of an allergic reaction or a reaction to a chemical found in disposable diapers. The financial benefit of organic cloth products is another reason that many families choose to use these. For example, a purchase of organic cloth diapers that will last a child from newborn through their potty training years can 75% less than purchasing disposable diaper counterparts. It goes without saying that an organic cloth product for a baby will reduce landfill waste and local garbage waste as well.

Organic Hygiene Products

Organic hygiene products geared for babies have also become increasingly popular. These organic hygiene products can be made out of 100% natural or organic bases including organic oils and organic essential oils. Organic hygiene products may also include all natural products for sensitive skin and for diaper rash prevention. There are hundreds of organic hygiene products on the market currently for babies and toddlers. This has made the choice of switching to organic and green baby products much easier for parents who were trying to incorporate not only organic hygiene for their children but also in organic lifestyle and chemical free environment for their children.

Organic Baby Food

Organic baby food is usually one of the first options that parents look at. After several hundred recalls in the late 90s and into the mid-2000s it has been abundantly clear to many parents organic baby food is the only choice. In fact, one of the reasons that many parents choose organic baby food is due to the fact that the organic baby food is produced in the local area or within the United States. The primary recalls in baby food have occurred in baby food that has been either non-organic or has been imported from other countries. Organic baby food options are easy to identify and are easy to research. If the organic baby food item is truly organic then there will only be a few ingredients listed on the back and there will be no preservatives listed with those ingredients. Organic baby food as a consumer product for babies is an alternative that many parents who cannot or do not have the time to create homemade organic baby food may choose.

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