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Health & Beauty

Green living and green living options have expanded to the health and beauty genre. Natural health and beauty options have always been available, however they have become more mainstream in recent years due to green living awareness. The exposure of several chemicals in various health and beauty products has left many individuals worried about what they are putting on their skin and what types of chemical affects can happen due to the chemicals in various forms of health and beauty products. For this reason, many companies have switched to organic options, natural options and to reworking their entire health and beauty concept. The following are a few health and beauty areas where organic and natural options can be seen and where you can benefit from these various options in your green living plan.


Makeup is the first and foremost endeavor for many companies in the health and beauty industry. Several years ago many individuals thought nothing of using a makeup base or what was in that base. However, in recent years the exposure to knowledge of what chemicals are found in makeup has been staggering. This has left several individuals concerned about the aging effects and chemical effects that can be left behind with non-organic and synthetic products. One of the answers to these various makeup issues has been to switch from liquid foundations to mineral-based foundations. These mineral switches also encompass various makeup options including eye makeup, lip makeup and various blushes and powders. In fact, many women have made a switch to an almost entirely mineral-based product. Though this is a foolproof method for organic options it is becoming one of the most popular health and beauty green living options on the market.

Personal Hygiene

Though the first thing that many individuals think of when they think of green living and health and beauty is makeup, the personal hygiene industry has also seen great changes in their products. Consumer personal hygiene products such as feminine hygiene, oral hygiene and body hygiene products have seen a great change in the past few years. Feminine hygiene products have moved to a more non-disposable and all-natural options such as Moon Cups and reusable sanitary options. Oral hygiene has moved to more natural base options such as baking soda base toothpastes and other options that can be found with companies such as Tom's of Maine. Body hygiene products have also seen great changes in removing various chemicals and replacing these chemicals with natural products such as sugar scrub-based products or products found with companies such as Burt's Bees and Say Yes to Carrots.

Natural Health Options

Natural health options are another area of health and beauty that has seen great strides in green living. In the past, natural health was considered to be something very few individuals thought of. However, the natural health options have seen a great increase due to awareness of chemicals and due to recalls on various products including Tylenol. Natural health options may include supplements, natural pain relievers, natural oral pain relievers and the use of homemade natural health remedies in order to avoid chemicals, preservatives and the high increase of recalls and possible poisoning in various medications.

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