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Ways to Go Green

When you start a green lifestyle, you may be overwhelmed with how to go green. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books and resources on the subject. These resources may suggest everything from recycling to making complete lifestyle changes. The problem is, with so many resources and so little chance for guidance, the ways to go green can become overwhelming. The following are a few ways to go green that can be used by beginners to advanced over time to create the green lifestyle you desire.

Chemical Free Zone

One of the biggest trends and methods of going green is to create a chemical free zone in your home and personal workspace areas. This is the easiest way to begin going green and it will help you educate yourself on the different chemicals that may be harmful to yourself and the environment. Creating a chemical free zone in the home is easy. You will want to buy items that are already eco-friendly and chemical free. Most of these items will be cleaning products and the vast majority will be all in one cleansers. After you have purchased the replacement green items, go through the house to remove the chemical toxins. This simple replacement can make a world of difference and offer an easy way to go green.

Reduce Personal Waste

Reducing personal waste is another easy and quick way to go green. There are several ways to reduce waste in the home and at work. The first step is to start a small composting bin. Even if you do not use the compost for gardening, you can dump the compost into an area or urban garden without filling landfills. The second step is to make a switch from disposable to reusable items. Kitchen napkins are a great first step. Instead of purchasing disposable towels, choose cloth napkins that can be easily cleaned in a laundry cycle. Speaking of laundry, switch from larger liquid and powder detergents to detergent pods. They clean the same way and they take up less room and waste. The canisters can even be reused for gardening endeavors. If you feel so bold, you can also replace bathroom disposable items and baby disposable items as well.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Reducing energy consumption in the home is also said to have lasting environmental effects in your local and global communities. The most straight forward way to handle energy consumption in your home is to handle the basics first. Start with making sure all the lightbulbs in the home are energy efficient models. The second step would be to place all of your electronics on surge protectors that can be easily turned off and unplugged when the electronics are not in use. This is a standard way of going green that can show immediate results on your next energy bill.

There are hundreds of ways to go green. Some of these ways range from the very easy to the very technical. Overall, no matter what your level of expertise is with the green living lifestyle, there are ways to go green that will work for your lifestyle.

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