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Climate & Weather

Our choices can directly impact the environment in which we live. It is time we get educated, and learn about the effects that humans have on the planet. From global warming to rare and radical storms, some of the blame can be put on the public.

Climate Change

Global warming is a very serious concept that is starting to play into effect. Our actions on earth can determine how the planet will respond, so it is time to get educated, and stay up to date with information, research and updates to help gain a better understanding of the change in the climate and the effects of global warming.

Changes in Weather

Research has shown that not only is the climate impacted by such changes in the environment, but so is the weather. These two are directly correlated, and with the rise of global warming and the overall climate change, the weather has increasingly become more unpredictable, and at times, violent. From Tsunamis to ices storms and everything in between, the weather can be dramatically effected by how we treat our planet. By working to be more green and eco-conscious we can do what we can to prevent such uncontrollable storms and climate change.

The uncontrollable weather can also cause more strain on the planet. With crazy storms that can cause immense damage, pollution can be hard to contain. From garbage and household items being blown away and torn up from tornados and wind storms, to chemicals being released in bodies of water as a result of floods and other wild storms, these unpredictable occurrences in weather can cause a huge toll on the environment. While we cannot directly prevent these storms from happening, we can do our best to prevent damage from these storms, to keep the people safe and to ensure that our structures are sustainable and safe in order to uphold throughout these unpredictable storms.


Science proves the truth on a topic that often encounters some skepticism. It’s important to stay updated as research is constantly changing and evolving, to become more accurate. A part of being green is using your resources wisely, and doing your research to stay up to date and in the know about new findings that directly impact our planet and every living being living here. With these scientific articles, blogs, and updates on trending topics, we can all stay up date and be knowledgeable about the world in which we live.

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