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Outer space is such a large and curious place, but what many forget is that the efforts made on earth can impact the universe, and vice versa. To help sustain our universe and our planet, we can do our part to make healthy choices. But that alone is not enough. NASA is also working towards green options to improve the state of our planet and the environment. Neat, huh?

Green Engineering

Recently, NASA has included better methods of engineering to help reduce energy use, and make better use of materials and resources on earth and in space. While many of the materials needed to create engines, space-worthy rocket ships, and more, tend to consume many resources, NASA is working to create better methods through green engineering, which will continue to be a major trend in the future. If engineering is your passion, or a potential future passion of yours, considering studying the works of green engineers to help better the future and follow a green future, for both the planet and your bank account! Green engineering is expected to be a prime career to make big bucks in the future.


Another green effort that NASA has implemented in the last 20 years is the creation and improvement of greenhouses in space and on alternative planets. To test the ability of the resources available in space, NASA has worked to grow plants in their facilities, and has even tried to experiment with growing plants and trees on other planets. While this is a trial and error process, these green efforts could create more oxygen and improve the quality of life on our planet, and also create the ability of life on other planets. The opportunities are endless with science!

Green Methods on Earth

Did you know that the choices you make on earth can have an effect on our solar system? Due to the greenhouse gases and other emitted gases and chemicals given off by the use of carbon, energy, and electricity on our planet, the universe can be impacted by the planet earth. If everyone were to make wiser and eco-conscious decisions to use solar energy, and reduce their overall energy use, we can control the amount of greenhouses gases being emitted, and can help preserve not only our planet, but our universe. Think about the effects on not only our planet, but our solar system, when you have the choice to make an eco-friendly decision.

While many people forget about outer space and the universe when considering the state of the environment, our planet is only a small part of our solar system and can have an impact on the entire universe. Consider this next time you get have the ability to make a eco-friendly change to better the environment.

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