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Energy and power as it relates to green living, is one of the first steps that many individuals begin to take into a green living genre. There are several energy and power options that are commonly thought of, such as solar power. But there are several energy and power options that many individuals have not think of that can be implemented into their home to create green living aspects. These energy and power options can also be implemented into businesses as well as into community efforts. The following are the top energy and power green living options that are not commonly discussed, not commonly thought of or have a myth surrounding them that they cannot be implemented easily or efficiently.

Tankless Heating

Tankless heating is commonly used in homes and in businesses. However, larger corporations and businesses such as hotels and hotel chains are now moving to tankless heating system. Tankless heating is connected directly to water heating solutions. This option reduces energy costs and reduces the power that is used in order to heat water throughout the home. A tankless heating system generally allows for individuals to use as much hot water as they want without the hot water going out and with out heating water and keeping it heated. For example, in standard water heater options the water is heated and routinely heated until it is used. A tankless heating system heats the water as it is used. The benefits of a tankless heating system are far-reaching for both individuals and for businesses. This is one of the reasons is become one of the most popular forms of energy and power green living resources.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

The concept of geothermal heating and cooling is usually connected to Cob homes and off grid home development. However, geothermal heating and cooling can be used in standard homes and businesses. The basic premise behind a geothermal cooling unit is that the process involves taking heat from the air in the localized environment, such as a house, and moving it into the earth below the house. A compressor and blower are used to keep the air revolving. This means that it is actually the land below the home, that is set at a constant cooler rate, there is cooling the house rather than a traditional cooling unit. Geothermal heating works much the same way. This combined geothermal heating and cooling can reduce energy costs over time and greatly reduce the power that is being used only in a home but on the power grid for the local community. There have been discussions of global efforts to move to a geothermal heating and cooling option for smaller communities and increase that option to larger communities for an overall a fact that would avoid issues such as the one that happened when the grid fell in India.

Energy Reduction Techniques

There are several energy reduction techniques that use various forms of energy and power resources such as the tankless and geothermal options previously mentioned. These energy reduction techniques can begin on a very small scale. A small-scale example would be placing all of your electrical items in the home on timers or on power strips and can be easily unplugged when the unit is not in use. A larger scale of energy reduction techniques will use the previously mentioned options along with other options such as solar or hydropower to create a self-reliance and sustainable energy option for homes, real estate development and for businesses.

The technology that is incorporated in energy and power as it is associated with green living, is changing daily and growing daily. This means their constant updates that individuals in green living should be aware of it and may use to obtain a greener lifestyle.

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