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Drugs & Medicine

It’s important to know about the items we put into our bodies. We are careful and considerate about the foods we ingest, so why don’t we always take the same caution with drugs and medicine? These are the types of items that we should question even further, considering the chemical and active ingredients these medicines are made up of.


We need to take care of our bodies by eating right and getting our daily vitamins, but sometimes we don’t always get everything we need in what we eat. Vitamins can be a great way to supplement your diet and ensure that you are getting everything you need to be happy and healthy. But before popping a few pills with these vitamins, ensure that they are coming from the right source. Sometimes, these drug brands can include crazy chemicals and hormones that throw off your natural balance. Make sure that you are fully aware of the vitamins you are taking and make sure they come from a natural source.

Natural Ingredients

Nowadays, the labels on the items we purchase can be very deceiving. Often times, we’ll find ourselves looking for the organic option, only to find that the label was misleading. When purchasing drugs, medicines, and vitamins, make sure you read the labels and watch closely for the tricks. Often times, synthetic drugs and vitamins will claim that they are “natural” or made with natural ingredients, but this does not mean that they are only made with those ingredients. Instead, pick the option that is labeled “all natural” or “100 % natural” which means that all of the ingredients within the package are natural, opposed to only having a portion of natural ingredients.


Labels can be deceiving on organic options, as well. Many times, companies will try to use the term organic, as long as the product is organic to a certain extent. With organic items, they are required to be grown without the use of fertilizers and other chemicals, but to get the USDA certified organic label, the item has to be at least 70% organic. While some of the quality items will be labeled “100 % organic,” some things will be a bit deceiving.

Make sure you read your labels closely and understand what your drugs and vitamins contain before including them in your regular routine.

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