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Animals & Wildlife

Humans can have such an impact on the planet. But we are not the only living organisms on earth. A major part of going green is taking into consideration the animals and plants that inhabit our planet. These wildlife creatures have no control over the choices we make, but we can regain control by making choices that will benefit ourselves, our planet, and the animals and wildlife that live here.

Going green starts by educating ourselves on how our choices can effect these plants and animals, and figuring out ways to save them and prevent the wildlife from harm.

Protecting the Animals

While we always think about how our choices can affect other humans, we tend to forget about the animals. These beings have little control over their lives, and can be majorly impacted by the choices of humans. From birds and ducks drenched in oil from oil spills in the ocean, to bears getting cut by sharp cans and other litter in their homes, it is time for us to clean up the mess we have made as a human population.

We also have taken over much of the land in which these species live. The list of endangered and extinct animals and plants is growing immensely, and much of it is due to the impact of human beings. As people, we need to work to respect these species, and do what we can to give them their space and leave their homes untouched, and safe.

Another way some people choose to help the environment and wildlife is by finding diets that support their values and eco-friendly mindset. Many choose to eat either paleo, vegan, or vegetarian diets. While these types of diets vary, they all support eating healthy and in a more organic manner. Some choose not to eat animals, while others choose to eat organic based foods that are made without chemicals that can cause havoc on the land and the environment. These are just a few ways in which we can make choices that will benefit animals and the wildlife.

Preserving Our Environment

Animals are not the only other living beings in our environment. The plants, like flowers, trees, grass, and shrubbery make up much of our earth, and it is our duty to preserve the environment to sustain the planet for all living beings. Keeping in mind the habitats of the animals and wildlife is also an extremely important reason to protect our planet, and we as humans can work in several ways to do our part in sustaining the planet. By purchasing green products, cutting down on water usage, and minimizing waste we can help preserve the environment in which we live.

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