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Green living companies can range from companies that have decided to implement green living methods, green technology, green utility options or companies that offer green products and services. These companies help with spreading the word of green living, why going green is important, ways that individuals can go green and help individuals with the benefits of going green. Many of these companies may also participate in localized green endeavors and global green endeavor programs. The following are a few types of companies that you may encounter during your path to going green.

Companies Going Green

Companies that have decided to go green are the most popular companies that an individual will first encounter when they begin a path to going green. When a company goes green is a generally first implement a paperless option. This paperless option may start in office with utilizing technological aspects such as cloud storage to keep files and various other information secure. The going paperless option will generally extend to customers and offering a paperless billing system to cut down on paper waste and reduce costs for the company as well as for the customer. Various companies have gone green over the years including local utility companies, major companies such as AT&T and larger technological companies.

Green Products Companies

Green product companies are the consumer companies that an individual will see in commercials, local stores and in global campaign programs. Green product companies are companies that utilize ecological, Earth friendly and natural green products in order to help people in their daily lives. Individuals who use these products tend to see the benefits of a chemical free environment in their homes or in their workplace. Green products are not strictly limited to cleaning products and can be found in appliances, home and garden sections and in baby products such as cloth diapers. Green product companies have become increasingly popular in the last few years include companies such as Mrs. Myers, Seventh Generation and Earth Best.

Green Service Companies

Green service companies are companies that offer green services for home and business development. The service companies may combine green products such as solar power, tankless water heating, geothermal heating options and other green lifestyle options. What a green service company will do is take these products and combine a service such as installation, consultation or they may provide an energy consultation service to help you decide if your business or if your home is green and how to create a green lifestyle in these areas. Green service companies can be ecological development companies, green real estate companies and green consultation companies that are locally based or globally based.

There are hundreds if not thousands of other options for companies that have either gone green, host green products, host green services or offer a wide variety of green living options for individuals and businesses. These companies are in health and beauty, home and garden, clothing, energy and power, food, travel and technology. Each of these companies features a different solution and a different focal point to help individuals achieve a green lifestyle easily and with the proper amount of knowledge in order to maintain our lifestyle.

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