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Published on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

10 Hazardous Chemicals In Everyday Products


10 Hazardous Chemicals In Everyday Products

So many people are changing their lifestyles to achieve a healthier and more natural way of living. Eating organic, using green energy, exercising and many other adjustments to their lives. The big problem that most people ignore are the chemicals hidden in household items around them. Some people change their cleaning and beauty products to help them live a more natural life. Yet, many people still miss chemicals sitting right under their noses. These ten chemicals can be found around your house and are ones you should be avoiding like the plaque.


Silent Killers

            BPA also known as bisphenol A is a currently well known chemical that can easily be found in most homes across the globe. These dangerous chemicals can be found in the lining of cans. They have also been found in hard plastic, plastic bottles, and some baby bottles. How do people avoid this cancer causing chemical? First you can avoid canned foods all the way. However, you just need to avoid the ones that have been lined with BPA. Hard plastics are a little easier. The ones you should avoid are marked with PC or recycling label #7. Since this discovery bottles and cans have began to be labeled as BPA free to help people avoid BPA. Do not warm food inside plastic containers because it can leak into food. Also storing food inside glass, porcelain or stainless steal containers can help as well. Avoiding BPA will benefit your health because BPA has been linked to many health problems. Studies show that BPA can cause behavioral problems, prostate problems and brain problems. There has also been a link made between recurrent miscarriage and BPA exposure.


  • BPA Has Been Linked To Cancer
  • Found In Cans With BPA In Their Lining
  • Hard Plastics Labeled PC Or Recycling Label #7
  • Avoid Certain Canned Foods
  • Eat Less Canned Foods
  • Avoid Warming In Plastic Containers
  • Store Food In Non-Plastic Containers
  • Purchase BPA-Free Items        

            The next on our list is dioxin. This chemical is found in soil, top of the water, plant tissue, and animal tissue.  Dioxin is found in the fatty tissues. This chemical is referred to as an endocrine disruptor. This means that it can change the effects of estrogen and progesterone in our bodies. These changes can increase the risks of certain cancers. One of those cancers being breast cancer which is highly connected to hormones. It is also known to have affects on a person's immune system. It is said that to help reduce your exposure that you should decrease the amount of animal products you consume. Eating less eggs, milk, fish, chicken, pork, and beef will help keep the level of dioxin exposure in lower levels.


  • Dioxin Has Been Found In Animal Products
  • Located In Fatty Tissues
  • Found In Milk, Eggs, And Meat
  • Linked To Certain Cancer That Are Affected By Hormones
  • Also Linked To Immune Problems


            For those people who enjoy fish there is some bad news. Located in all fish are trace amount of mercury. Mercury has gotten into the air and oceans mostly from burning coal. This toxic metal can cause issues in woman's reproductive system and damage to pancreatic cells. The danger is even worse for pregnant women because issues could arise that may affect the unborn child's development. There are some fish that carry higher amount of mercury and there for has a higher risk. These fish include shark, tile fish, swordfish, tuna, and king mackerel. When eating fish try to stick to fish that have lower exposure rates like salmon, catfish and cans of chunk light tuna.


  • Avoid Fish With High Exposure Rate
  • Tuna, Shard, Swordfish, King Mackerel And Tile fish Are Fish To Avoid
  • Chunk Light Tuna, Catfish, And Salmon Are Safer To Eat
  • Mercury Can Affect Fetus Development
  • Can Cause Problems With Reproductive Systems In Women
  • Also Damage To Pancreatic Cells Can Be Affected


            The invention of non-stick pans were a savior for many people. Then came the bad news. Non-stick pans carry perfluorinated chemicals called PFCs. These chemicals can enter your food when the lining on non-stick pans are damaged and break off. PFCs are linked to thyroid and kidney diseases as well as causing low birth weights in infants. When using non-stick pans remember to keep the cooking temperature low, use wooden or silicone utensils on them, and do not warm them empty. However, it is recommended to avoid them altogether and use cast iron or stainless steal pans.


  • Avoid Non-Stick Pans
  • Use Wooden Or Silicone Utensils If Using Non-Stick Pans
  • Do Not Heat Empty Non-Stick Pans
  • Do Not Heat Non-Stick Pans To High
  • PFCs Are Linked To Thyroid Disease
  • PFCs are Linked To Kidney Disease
  • PFCs are Linked To Low Birth Weight Infant


            Pesticides have been a raising concern of many people through the recent years. Atrazine is a common chemical found on corn and also found in drinking water. This chemical has been linked to breast tumors and prostate cancer. The best way to avoid this pesticide chemical is to purchase organic produce and to drink water filtered through a filter certified to remove atrazine.


  • Avoid Produce That Is Treated With Pesticides
  • Drink Water Filtered Through An Atrazine Certified Removal Filter
  • Atrazine Is Linked To Breast Tumors
  • Also Linked To Prostate Cancer



            There are also pesticides found in specific baby foods and other produce. These are referred to as organophosphates. High consumption of these chemicals are linked to ADHD in children and harmful affects on reproductive facilities. These chemicals can be avoided by using organic baby food and pesticide free crops. You can also make your own baby food from crops free of pesticides.


  • Oranophoshates Are Located In Pesticides Used On Certain Crops
  • Also Found In Baby Food
  • Purchase Organic Produce And Baby Food
  • Make Your Own Baby Food From Safe Produce


            Cleaning products, liquid soaps, cosmetics, paint and brake fluid all house a dangerous chemical called glycol ether. This chemical is found to cause blood abnormalities, increased asthma in children and fertility issues. The best thing is to avoid all products that contain glycol ether completely. Try to find products that are made from safer and more natural products.


  • Avoid Cleaning Products
  • Liquid Soaps
  • Cosmetics
  • Paint
  • Brake Fluid
  • Anything With Glycol Ether
  • Glycol Ether Are Linked To Fertility Problems
  • Asthma In Children
  • Blood Abnormalities


            If BPA was not a good enough reason to avoid plastic go ahead and consider phthalates. These chemicals are also found in plastic containers, cosmetics, lotions, and plastic toys. Phthalates are linked to a number of issues including cancers, birth defects, and thyroid problems. Avoid any type of plastic made with PVC and check labels on cosmetics.


  • Linked To Thyroid Abnormalities
  • Associated With Cancer
  • Can Cause Birth Defects
  • Avoid Plastic Made Of PVC
  • Read Labels Of All Cosmetics        

            Perchlorate is found regularly in soil, ground water, and surface water. This chemical can happen naturally or be mad made. They interfere with the human thyroid and can affect growth and development of unborn and newborn baby's central nervous system. This chemical is not an issue in water if your water comes from a good water source. You can call your local government to check your water source. You can also use your own water filter at your house.


  • Found In Soil, Ground Water And The Top Of Standing Water
  • Can Be Natural Or Man Made
  • Affect Development Of Central Nervous System In Fetuses And Newborns
  • Damage Thyroid Function
  • Check Your Local Water Source
  • Filter Your Water At Home

            PBDEs better known as fire retardants. These chemicals can be found in anything that will reduce the spread of flames. They have currently been phased out of use on the industrial level. However, it is almost impossible to avoid them in the home. The best defense currently is to do a lot of cleaning, especially vacuuming to reduce build up of the toxins. These chemicals can be linked to reproductive, memory, behavioral, hearing, and learning problems with children.


  • Fire Retardants Can Be Linked To Hearing, Learning, Behavior, Memory And Reproductive Problems
  • Using a Vacuum With A Hepa Filter To Clean Regularly To Reduce Toxin Build Up






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