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Published on Thursday, January 4, 2018

Animals That Fit On Your Finger


When you live in a metropolitan area with an exponentially increasing population, space becomes a major factor in decision-making. This also includes your decision to get a pet. Although dogs are now bred to be extremely small, the tiniest size is a teacup dog that weighs four to seven pounds and has a length up to seventeen inches. With a bed, feeding area, and toy area the dog can take a good portion of your tiny studio apartment. However, the natural world has provided us with an astonishing solution...Finger size animals.

Many of these animals are reptiles including geckos, chameleon, snakes, and baby tortoises. These little pets take very little space and may only need a small container in which you can construct a tiny habitat for them. However, if you're in the market for a tiny fuzzy animals that you can fit on your finger then you might be more interested in baby squirrels, baby sugar-glider, and the star of the show, finger monkeys. These finger monkeys, also known as  pygmy marmoset, originate from South America, and only grows to a size of 6 inches and weight only a maximum of 100g. They can cost between $1500 and $4000 dollars. But before you go ahead and get one of these fuzzy balls, check whether you reside in one of the nineteen states that banned the owning of monkeys, and whether you can make an appropriate environment for these finger climbing ninjas.

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Author: AThompson

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