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Published on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Benefits of Cob Homes

Benefits of Cob Homes

We recently discussed the characteristics of a cob home. A cob home is becoming increasingly popular as a green building option for individuals. There are several benefits of building a cob home as opposed to upgrading a home to green standards or using an alternative such as tiny home-building and complete off the grid building here are a few of the benefits of cob homes for individuals to consider.

Low-cost Building

Cob homes are made of. Low-cost and natural materials. In fact the four main materials used in building Cob homes are made of clay, water, straw and earth. Though some individuals may think that this is a primitive form of living, the truth is that this low-cost building has higher durability than more traditional homes and offers an increasing amount of comfort for the owner.

Energy Efficiency

Cob homes fall under a geothermal energy efficiency category. For example, a Cob home will naturally heat the home during the winter and cooler home during the summer. This means that there is virtually no electric bill. In fact, the individuals who do have electric bills for their Cob homes generally used electric to run small appliances, Internet capabilities and kitchen area appliances. Without a heating or cooling bill, many individuals have found that the energy efficiency of a Cob home pays for itself within the first few months.

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Author: Organic Jeff

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