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Published on Sunday, January 7, 2018

Curious Bear Finds The Camera


Filming the life story of animals in remote areas like the arctic can often be a challenging task. The BBC Earth team have innovated many technologies including blizard spy-cams that slide on treacherous paths like snow covered tundras while discretely filming the wildlife of the Arctic including polar bears. It achieves that by having two quiet yet powerful electric motors that propel it on its skis at speeds up to 40 mph and can be controlled from 1 kilometer away.

One of the cams was successful in filming two courting polar bears. It was able to catch footage of a female trying to win the interest of a male on his day off. The female who does not like to be ignored preformed sexually alluring tricks like sliding down on the snow, rubbing herself with snow, flipping head over heels for him, and scratching her behind. The male whose passion was ignited began to chase after her. Following them was the spy cam recording all the footage until it was accidentally flipped, catching the attention of the bears. As the bears approached it, the rolling camera of the spy cam was recording its own death until the unexpected happened. The bear began to fiddle with it until he flipped the spy cam right side up allowing the camera to continue filming the passionate love story of two polar bears. It seems that in this story, curiosity saved the cam.

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Author: AThompson

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