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Published on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Four Ways to Incorporate Green Living in Home School Programs

Four Ways to Incorporate Green Living in Home School Programs

Making the choice to homeschool your children can be a life changing experience. Families that decide to homeschool may do so for various reasons and have various methods of teaching their children. There are spiritual based programs, non-religious programs, secular programs and everything in between. There are even homeschool alliances in cities across the world to help share the task of educating our youth. How do you handle incorporating green living into that education? How can you add green living concepts without taking away from others? Here are four ways to incorporate green living in homeschool programs.

Science Projects

Probably one of the quickest and easiest methods to incorporate green living in homeschool programs is to add science projects. Find or create projects that are based on solar, wind and water power. Purchase kits that let children build their own solar projects and learn about the science of solar, wind and water power on their own.


A popular outlet for many teens is something called Steampunk. This type of reenactment centers around concepts from Victorian history. Imagine living in a world where technology and life advanced but kept the power of steam to operate nearly everything. Steam powered homes rather than electric. Steam powered computers, phones, cars and many other projects are just a few of the things you can explore with your children. Combine the projects with history lessons and then create something in the home to match the project.


Documentaries are a great way to involve your children in green living concepts. Take for example the controversial documentary Food, Inc. This documentary covers what is going on with America’s food supplies, how it is effecting farmers and how organic may be the better option. Have your children watch these documentaries, create questions surrounding the main green living concepts and then create discussions around those questions. You will be surprised what concepts and ideas your children have when they are faced with the reality of green living.


Green living is discussed constantly on news channels and online news networks 24-hours a day. Find a green living topic each day to discuss or have your children find the topic. Read the topic, discuss it and develop questions related to the topic. Incorporate the news story into not only green living, but also into other topics in their normal education.

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Author: Organic Jeff

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