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Published on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Green Living Business Opportunities – Watkins Natural Products

Green Living Business Opportunities – Watkins Natural Products

One of the first steps for someone looking towards a green living business from home, is to look at green living business opportunities. There are three major business opportunity programs available that are green living or natural living related. It should be said that business opportunities will have an initial setup charge that can run anywhere from $35.00 to $500 depending on if you want to keep stock of items to sell. Without being said here are some green living business opportunities.

Watkins Natural Products

Watkins natural products have been around since 1868. During the 1940s and 50s, business opportunities through Watkins as sales affiliates became increasingly popular. The business opportunity to sell and become a representative for J.R. Watkins Naturals is still available. The products available are natural personal care products, home care, natural gourmet products, natural remedies and special gift options. This company is legitimate and has been in the media recently as a premiere green living company. For over 143 years the company has offered natural and green products for the home. The business opportunity has a yearly fee for representatives. For further information on the Watkins natural products company please visit our green business section.


The Eco-Institution offers the chance to get green living training and start earning a living as a green business consultant. This online school has full course enrollment that starts at $250. With a certification from the institution you can provide green consulting, green business auditing and green home auditing. This type of business opportunity allows you to invest in your training and then set your own fees for your business. This is the most common type of educational business opportunity and mayor may not be considered by some to be an actual business opportunity. For more information on the Eco-Institution please visit our degrees an education section or our green business section.

Shaklee Corporation

The Shaklee corporation provides natural and clean green living products and solutions for homes. Becoming a representative is as easy as registering on one of the shapely site and purchasing a starter kit. Shaklee provides everything from green living items to green cleaning items and most recently green vitamin products. The company is registered with the Better Business Bureau. All of their products are certified as no animal testing products. The representative opportunity is available through the United States and Canada websites. For more information about Shaklee please visit our business section.

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Author: Organic Jeff

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