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Published on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Master of Deception


We often come across animals and insects in the wild that behave or look like something from a SciFi movie. The Zodrian spider, often found in North Africa and Eurasia, is is just such a species. Instead of erecting a web to catch its prey, this ant looking spider uses the art of deception and cosplay to trick its enemies. The Zodrian is a genus of spiders that are ant-hunting experts three times smaller than the ants they hunt.

These spiders can mimic chemical signals of ants to lurk between them without being detected easily. In addition, the spiders also developed body features that have close resemblance to those of ants as well as ant-like skills including the use of six legs to walk. Once the spider notices a lone ant, it injects with its venom killing it almost instantly. It then uses its carcass as a shield to mask its scent from other ants in the colony as it completes its escape. This behavior is often referred to as shielding. Once far away, the spider indulges in the juices of the corpse then heads back to its den. Although this trojan trickery might seem as a solid plan, it only has a seventy five percent success rate. After all, you can’t easily trick the hard working soldiers of an ant colony.

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Author: AThompson

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